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Our Officers are at the Core of What We Do.

Without any of our officers, our organisation would not be possible. Within our organisation we have our President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Security Council and Public Relations. 



Laima Johnson

Laima Johnson is the president of Charleston Association of the Deaf. Laima graduated from New York School for the Deaf in 1998. She attended Gallaudet University for 2 years and half in Deaf Studies. She worked for Sorenson Communications for four years as a trainer installer. She is a certified bookkeeper. She is a mother of six children with her husband, Christopher Johnson in Goose Creek, SC.


Vice President

Tabitha Colburn

Tabitha Colburn is the Vice President of Charleston Association of the Deaf. She graduated from Stratford High School in 2001. She was employed at Bi-lo for eight years as a produce assistant manager, fruit cutter and floral associate. She is currently a stay at home mom and babysitter. She teaches an ASL class at Barnes and Nobles on Rivers Ave on the first Friday of every month, to help broaden the use of ASL. She is a mother of three children with her husband, Matthew in Goose Creek, South Carolina.



Katina Cribb

Katina Cribb is the treasurer of Charleston Association of the Deaf. She graduated from South Carolina School for Deaf and the Blind in 2002. She previously worked at Naval Weapons Station from 2011-2015. Currently, she is now working for Spawar in North Charleston. She is a mother of 3 children and resides with husband Gary Cribb in Summerville, SC.



Zoe Luciano

Zoe Luciano is the secretary of Charleston Assocation of the Deaf. She is originally from New Orleans, Lousiana, and moved here to Charleston in 2003. Married for 22 years to her husband James; they have 5 children, whom she cares for as a housewife. They currently reside in Goose Creek, SC.



Kerston Sallings


White Flowers

Security Council

Donte Smith


Public Relations

Riley Montoney

Riley Montoney is the current Public Relations Officer for CAD. She is originally from Columbia, SC, and moved to Charleston in 2015. She is currently employed by Starbucks Corporation, and enjoys spending time with her two dogs and husband. Hanahan is where she calls home.

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