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ABOUT Charleston Association of the Deaf

Our Roots & Our Mission

Our organization was founded December 8th, 2018. When the original organisation shuttered its doors, we could not let our local Deaf population be without a voice, and without any resources. So we started right back up. It started small with 20 people and now everyday we continue to grow up and out.


Our goal as a collective is to improve the lives of our Deaf and provide resources to Deaf individuals and their families within the Lowcountry and outside of the Lowcountry. Our mission statement is One Heart, One Soul, One Sign. Our Heart: we are empathetic and want to help all families of all shapes and sizes. Our Soul –  We embrace our Deaf Culture. Deaf Culture is extremely important to ensuring our Deaf community thrives. We gather together in community; we lift each other up higher, we don’t drag others down. We Support, Assist, and Celebrate. One Sign: we believe in the power of American Sign Language. We embrace each and every individual whether they sign or not. We encourage use of it, due to better communication that is attained by its usage, and by the spirit of community that it fosters.

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